What Do I Need To Bring To The First Meeting with Bruce W White?

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What Do I Need To Bring To The First Meeting with Bruce W White?

When you meet with Bruce W White, he will talk to you about the debts that you have and the debts you would like to Discharge in a bankruptcy proceeding.  He will also discuss other options besides bankruptcy, such as using a Credit Counseling Agency or a Debt Settlement Company.

In order for Bruce W White to make the correct recommendation, he will need information about the following:

1. Income -  Tax returns
Please bring a couple of Pay Stubs from your job.  Please provide them for your spouse if married (even if you are not planning to file a joint case).  If you are self employed, please provide an estimate of monthly NET income.   Your last tax return is always helpful.

2. Monthly Expenses 
Please be prepared to discuss your monthly payments for your normal living expenses, including the following:
Mortgage or Rent, Utilities (electrical, water, cell phone, cable/internet), Food, Car payments, Car insurance, Life insurance, and any other monthly expenses.  Do NOT include monthly credit card payments or personal loan payments.

3. Debt - Organize your creditors in groups
Put your credit cards in a  group and add up total. Do the same for medical bills.  If you owe taxes, try to provide the statement given to you by the IRS or the State tax authority.  If you do not have a statement from the tax authority, just estimate the year and amount due as best you can.

4.  Property -- Cars and Houses
Please try to locate and bring your City or County personal property tax bill.  The bill will show the value of your cars.  Bring your monthly car billing statement, or be able to tell us  the monthly payment and amount remaining on the loan.  
If you have real estate, please bring the monthly  mortgage statement and the County Assessment statement, if you can locate it .

Most likely, you will not be able to put all of this information together before the meeting.   Just do the best you can and we will work with what you have at that first meeting.

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